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We are setting up an integration advisory board (Integrationsbeirat)

In the administrative district “Landkreis Weilheim-Schongau
there live many different people.
20% of these people were not born in Germany,
or her parents immigrated to Germany.
These people have a migration history.

We believe:

When people from different cultures live well together,
it makes our society more colorful and interesting.

That’s why we want to set up an integration advisory board

At the Integration Advisory Board, people with and without a migration background consider together:

  • What can we do to ensure that the people in our district live well together with each other?
  • How can the wishes and interests of people with a migration background be better acknowledged?

For us, that means integration.

It is not always easy for people with and without a migration background
to live well together.
We need time and patience for this.
We have to respect each other
and accept other opinions.
We have to talk to each other a lot
but also listen.
And everyone must be willing to participate.

What should the integration advisory board do?

  • mediate when there are problems between authorities, politicians and migrants,
  • help people from different cultures to talk to each other more and to get to know each other better,
  • support that all people can have a voice in political and cultural life,
  • show that all people are equal
    so that racism has no chance.

Would you like to join the integration advisory board?
Would you like to work for
a good coexistence in our district?

You don’t need to have any special knowledge for this.
We prepare you well for your task!
Please send us an email

Reports and pictures of our events please find at “Bildergalerie

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